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Phone Service

Phone Service

Hosted Telephone and PBX Solution

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Virtualize and customize your phone system and control the way you manage your communication.  Your business calls can be reliable, secure, and for less money without the need for upfront equipment costs. 

  • IP desk phone or softphone options
  • Local or toll-free phone numbers and number porting
  • Standard call features; phone extension, call forwarding, hold, and voicemail.
  • Auto-attendant and Interactive voice response (IVR) service

How You Benefit

LABUSA Voice is a hosted phone, voicemail, and interactive voice response (IVR) service that allows you to save money and customize your telephone communication.

  • Dedicated local or toll-free numbers or port existing numbers to connect with the service.
  • IVR Auto Attendant to route calls, supply information, or integrate with applications.
  • Setup voicemail and conference lines.
  • The self-managed web portal allows you to manage your phone system or we can manage it for you.
  • Telephone extensions for multiple phone accounts.
  • Connect to a mobile softphone application or purchase a desk phone to make or receive calls

How We Achieve Results

LABUSA technology consultants and business analyst will work with you in developing a phone solution strategy that best meets your needs. After the initial deployment, the support team will continue to work with your staff to ensure that you are achieving the full capabilities of the solution. The following are some deployment options we offer;

  • Deploy in Cloud with Google, Amazon or Azure.
  • Fully managed dedicate hosted server.
  • Install On-Premise or Virtualize on an existing server.
  • Setup auto configuration of phones & SIP Trunks.
  • Choose your own SIP Trunk or utilize our SIP service.
  • Integration with Office 365 or SalesForce.

Proven Solution

IP phones wired using Ethernet cables and SoftPhone for desktop computers or mobile devices.

FreePBX is an open-source IP PBX solution for building scalable business phone systems.  Provided as a hosted solution or on-premise.


Let’s Get Started

Step 1: Call us

Over the phone or Email, get your questions answered, and let us tailor a solution for you. 

Step 2: Get a Demo

Don’t commit until you are sure.  Let us demo the solution or detail out the proof-of-concept. 

Step 3: Focus on What Matters

Let us support it so that you can focus on your true passion – your organization’s mission.