Our company, LAB Information Technology Incorporated d.b.a LABUSA, was founded in 1998 and incorporated in 1999.

With offices in the Chicago, Houston and Accra Ghana, we service forward-thinking security-conscious businesses and government agencies.

Our services focus on deploying and managing the information technology and security infrastructure that powers businesses.

From security to computing we help our clients improve operational efficiency while protecting both physical and intellectual assets.

At the core of many business challenges are - managing information fast and effective - and securing intellectual and physical assets. Helping organizations address these issues is our mission and it is accomplished through a comprehensive set of information technology and security solutions.


The LABUSA Cloud Managed Services can be describe as the “save time and money IT service”. Traditional information technology deployments require you to install and maintain of computer software on an individual user's computer.

Cloud computing allows for software to be installed in a single location and shared across multiple people. This saves you labor and frustration. Our strategy is to leverage tested and proven open source technology integrated with the industry best in computing.

This unique approach provides quick feature-rich proven solutions that save you a great deal of time and money.


“Trust, but verify” is how you can describe the LABUSA Integrated Security service.  At the heart of the offering is advanced featured digital surveillance platforms. 

Our advantage is that we focus on the unified management of video surveillance and other electronic devices.  From integration with IP networks and computers to safety devices and access control, our solutions provide you a greater advantage in mastering your security.


Combining people and strategy is the LABUSA Technology Consulting approach. From advice to professional service, we help you solve problems and enhance capabilities.

We have staff and partners in all disciplines of information technology and security who are able to serve clients world-wide. Our technical resource team is motivated to get you up and running quickly. We all share common values in – quality service, integrity, and customer satisfaction. READ MORE

We provide customers with solutions needed to - protect both physical and intellectual assets - and to manage information more effectively.  We are passionate about seeing your business succeed.  We are ready to listen, understand, and to solve your issues. Contact us to learn more.